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Why Wine Barrels?

That’s what we said.

First, you have to understand that our interest in wine barrels came by accident. Not because we were forced into it or didn’t like them or even what their normal function was – like making beautiful wine – it’s just that I guess when you come from the big city (Los Angeles), things like creating decorative wine barrels isn’t at the top of the list.

However, as most in this striking area probably understand, it’s a company town of sorts. That’s not necessarily said in a derogatory way; but, the little city of Paso Robles is now mostly a mirror of the region, which has been consumed by the wine industry. So nearly everyone you know here has some connection to wine and/or vines.

Old barrels

A very good friend and neighbor has a boutique vineyard in his backyard called Venture Vineyards, representing little more than a quarter acre of multi gold-winning zinfandel grapes. We helped him with all levels of making wine and in the process, interactions with others in the industry brought us to the point of wanting barrels, primarily to make planters. We’d fix them up by sanding, staining and painting the bands.

Then we decided one day, while looking at a barrel that we hadn’t cut into yet for planters, what they would look like all spiffed up and placed in the house. We sanded and stained one, plus this time we added some varnish (urethane) to give it a more glossy look like furniture has and … well, WOW, we said. However, it was when others saw the barrels and it became the topic of conversations that we started making them for friends and now, they are available to the public.

We probably pour too much labor into them to make the wine barrels just right but that’s our nature. Still, there you have the short story as to how we ended up renovating wine barrels into unique and beautiful pieces of furniture.

Also, we’ve listened again to request and now offer wine barrel planters that actually you can utilize for many assorted uses.  We also added a cool wine barrel for your garden hose.

Keep coming back and checking our blog as we inform you on an assortment of subjects, all pertaining in some way to the world of wine barrels and Paso Robles … or even about us, the Hier family.

Salootie Patootie