Salootie Patootie?

At the end of some of our website pages or blog stories, you will see the closure “Salootie Patootie”.

What the heck is Salootie Patootie and how did we arrive at it you might say?  You might have other ideas as to its origins but we’re here to clear that up.  Salootie Patootie is a Beegle-ism.  Well, what is a Beegle-ism?

A Beegle-ism is a word or phrase originated from a long time close friend of ours Mr. Ray Beegle.  Ray and I (Ron) met when stationed at the same fire house while members of the Los Angeles City Fire Department.  We fought fires together, dodged bricks and bullets during the Watts Riot, associated with each other’s families and along with another fire department friend, bought an airplane together.Wine & beer glass

We vacationed together and after retirement when I chose to become a part of a wholesale auto parts warehouse business, Ray was right there with his support;  always with an uplifting Beegle-ism like “Hey buddy, the colors on those uniforms stick out like a s–t house in the fog”.  He had a million of them, some I can’t print but would crack you up laughing.

Ray was always ready to hoist one for a celebration thus the salutation, “Salootie Patootie buddy” or

“Salootie Patootie, beautiful day”.

To us, it’s a lot like Aloha and can mean many things.  Hello, Goodbye, Cheers, Bottoms up, Down the Hatch or Here’s mud in your eye … you get the idea.  The guy was one of a kind.  Sadly for all of us, Ray passed away a few years ago but his Beegle-isms will be in our hearts forever.  Now you know where it came from.

In deference to the Italian language,

Salootie Patootie



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