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Recrafting An Old Wine Barrel – Bad Bottom

Sneak peak on a special order – Part 1

Old rotten barrel end

Looks bad? It is and some of the ends of the staves are all but gone.

Not all old wine barrels are created the same.  Certainly that can be the case when barrels are left to rot.  Such was the case with this wine barrel that the owner wanted renewed as one of our recrafted and renovated Decorative Wine Barrels.

Still, not all old wine barrels are recraftable – did I just make up a word?  This barrel was in the dirt for many years.  A cap or head on one end of this barrel is rotten (from sitting in mud when it was wet) with almost nothing left of the ends of the staves to keep the head in the barrel.  This barrel will have to have a top and bottom with this being the bottom. We will put an extra piece of wood to cover the cap. This is a special order we’re doing because the owner wanted this barrel.

We will sand, seal, stain the one cap on this barrel with extra sealer so that it might last many more years sitting in the owner backyard.  Also, this particular barrel will be coated with a special tint that we call leather, which gives off a much deeper and darker look to the barrel.


You can see much of the beveled edge, which is called the chime, is essentially gone.

Click on the pictures to get a blowup of what we’re talking about.  Stay with us as we show you additional progress on this special assignment.

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Wine Barrel Bands: What Color Looks Best?

4 Hoop band options

Hoop band options

As the story goes, we did these decorative wine barrels with the thought that it would match up with our trim around the house, so they became green – Hunter green to be specific.  However, as time went on, we felt the burgundy look might be best as it matched up with the barrels color.  Then when we saw black on some whiskey barrels, it added a distinctive look that set off the barrel.

With that said, and along with the idea that we could just buff out the stainless steel bands and go with a more natural look, what do you feel looks the best?  Possibly another color might be your favorite?  Note: we’ve looked into chroming the bands, but the cost is quite high and for now, we won’t offer that as an option.  Although feel free to vote that in as an alternative.

You can vote once a week and let your friends in on the poll as well.  Thanks.

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Daryle W. Hier