Recrafting An Old Wine Barrel – Stripping Stain

Sneak peak on a special order – Part 2

When we started this project (go here), one end (or head as it’s called) of the wine barrel was rotten in places due to sitting in mud on and off through the years.  It wasn’t repairable beyond placing another piece of wood over it while sanding and grinding most of chime off – the chime is the end of a stave beyond the head.


Ron points to the uneven surface that made sanding more difficult. And note the rotten area at top filled in with new wood.

Sometimes you receive a barrel that has already been worked on and might have paint or some other stain on them.  Such was the case with this barrel.  It had paint on the hoops (bands) and the wood had been stained.

Subsequently, the next process was to strip the paint and stain off the barrel so we can have a decent surface to sand, restain in this case, seal and paint on both the hoops and the wood.

More work than usual

The hoops took quite a bit of sanding on to strip off all the old paint.  Note that the stain clogs up our sandpaper more than usual, bogging down the process; plus, sealer isn’t easy to sand off – it’s sticky.  Additionally, the wood was harder than normal to sand because it was uneven because the deteriorated ends of the staves made it difficult to bring back to a flush surface.

We prevailed for the most part but if the barrel wasn’t perfectly even, that was okay since it added character – common with any of these unique pieces – which the owner of the barrel was more than fine with.


Barrel sanded

Next up after the sanding, will be prepping – a tedious chore – and then application of the stain and sealer.  We will stain the wood surface with a darker than normal color, add sealer and then paint the hoop bands burgundy.

Stay with us as we show you additional progress on this special order dealing with a very old and decrepit wine barrel.

Salootie Patootie!

Ron and Daryle Hier





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