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About To Bloom – Join Us

Spring is not here yet but Paso Wine Barrels, like the newly blooming rose pictured, is ready to break out.  The interest in our product is growing everyday and we’re inviting you to join us.TempoRose-orange

This narrative isn’t boasting.  Our tiny business is a brand new innovative yet simple interpretation of what you can do with old used wine barrels.  And we want folks like you to be in on the boom that appears to be a budding megastar in the happening.

Authentic oak wine barrels repurposed

One obvious way is to acquire one of our cool barrels whether it’s a full decorative wine barrel or possibly a hose holder or what might be the most popular item this spring, the planter barrel.  Again, purchasing our barrels is obvious, but there are other ways to join in on the fun and excitement here at Paso Wine Barrels.

You can enjoy a piece of the pie by helping us sell our truly unique pieces of wine country.  All you do is contact us with your basic information and refer others to buy our full decorative wine barrels and in turn you receive $50.  Also, if you refer and help us procure a sale on one of our half barrels (planter or hose), you will collect $10 for each one sold.  Go to our website for more details – check to the left of our home page where it says $50 FREE.

These wine barrels will become the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Get in on the ground floor and connect with us as we head towards the spring of a huge sensation.


Daryle Hier