Classic Booze Frig

I’ve wanted a refrigerator specifically for beer – and wine – but other than a brief time some years back after a renter bought their own and gave us back ours, I’ve never had the luxury of a dedicated frig for booze.Classic Kegerator

I’m a home brewer, when I have the time, and have seen refrigerators redesigned for kegs along with holding beer bottles etc, but had kinda given up on the thought of having a booze only refrigeration unit.  A close friend of mine had a wine cellar converted from part of his garage last year, but he passed away recently.  Yet, a wine cellar is not really the same thing.

Then today, I’m perusing my internet news feeds and low and behold, I see this article on converting old classic nostalgia oriented frigs to kegs.  It brought back all kinds of ideas but at the very least, I thought this would be cool to share on here.

Not new but different

Realizing there are many types of kegerators available on the market (check out Amazon), these particular conversions in the article I read, use old style frigs and then they can add custom paint jobs to add a little pizazz.  The company is called Classic Kegerators and if what you’re looking for is a cool souped up classic refrigerator made into a kegerator, then this is your place.

These vintage frigs can hold multiple kegs, which gives you the ability to drink different beers … and all on tap!  Classic Kegerators can also set them up to pump any kind of booze you want including wine and whiskey.

Philco refrigerator

These kegerators are made from an original classic frig like this Philco.

Don’t be surprised when you see the cost.  They start at $2,000 and go up from there depending on what you want.  However, like any recrafted piece, the work that goes into making these beautiful renditions of what was an old refrigerator, could well be worth the investment.  I say investment because something like this becomes entertainment and a talking point.  It improves the looks of an area and surely will be something you can be proud of showing off.


Hey, and let’s face it, like our Decorative Wine Barrels, you’re taking an old worn out product and recycling it back into service.

I’m not sure when I can afford something like this but rest assured, when I can, I will have a classic kegerator.  Of course, I also will need a place for my bottled beer since these kegerators don’t leave you with enough room for anything else inside them.  Hmmm, looks like I’ll have to make room for another …

Source: Business Journal, Mini Kegerator at Amazon

Salootie Patootie,

Daryle W. Hier




1 thought on “Classic Booze Frig


    Sounds like something to aspire to and hope it happens … I could use another frig with at least a small corner to put some kind of food in. Only kidding, tee hee!!



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