L.A. Day Trip: Paso Robles

Forgot about this last month, but Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA) had a nice story on Paso Robles as an ideal day trip for those in the Greater Los Angeles area (source: Westways). Actually this is true for those in the Bay Area as well. In fact, since Paso is on the Central Coast, almost anywhere in the Golden State could view the idyllic rolling hills of the ‘Pass of the Oaks’ as a great day trip.Paso Robles roads - fall

As we’ve mentioned here on the blog in the past, along with the Auto Club article, the allure of Paso is the combination of a small town feel, but with much to do including food, wineries and boutiques stores. Now, with its designation as the number one wine region of the world, the popularity of the once small sleepy town, has brought Paso to the fore as a great travel destination.

The biggest draw of course are the wineries with upwards of 300 in the North County area. There’s always something going at the Paso Robles Event Center including the biggest little fair: the Mid-State Fair. Also, the Downtown City Park is busy almost every weekend – such as this Saturday’s Trading Day.

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the cities founding and there are constant celebrations and events commemorating the towns history. You can check with the Chamber of Commerce for more information.

The attraction and beauty of Paso Robles is unusual and unique. Whether you come to visit for the day or longer, when sitting at one of the many wineries, there’s a mesmerizing feeling that is both charming and elegant. As they say, “Come for the view, stay for the wine.


Daryle W. Hier






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