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Wine Barrel Weddings

A few followers and friends have contacted me in the past, asking about wine barrels for weddings. Consequently I thought I’d show some pictures, so folks can get an idea of just what a wine barrel wedding would look like.

Wine barrels as outdoor barn wedding decor

I’m not a wedding expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I did play one on television – okay, that was a joke. However, I have collected many pictures over the last few years for wine barrel ideas and these images represent the best that I could find regarding weddings.

Idyllic setting

Getting married in a winery isn’t new but it is a growing phenomenon with settings and surroundings that are hard to beat. I mean really, when doesn’t scenery with rolling hills of vineyards not conjure up a greater illustration of the wedding spectacle. What better way to set off that idyllic look than wine barrels.

Rustic drink station, perfect for a country wedding.

If they are Decorative or the more eclectic rustic used barrels, the appearance of wine barrels adds a stunning charm, character and well, they’re just plain cool to view. Whether at or in a vineyard, wine barrel weddings have a certain flair and maybe even add some elegance to the celebration.

Bring vineyard to you

And don’t let the idea of not being at a winery slow you down. Even if you’re not using a winery and it’s vineyard for the wedding, you can bring the vineyard to you, so-to-speak. You can order used barrels to have on the special day or if the investment is a bit too high and you’re so lucky as to be within a couple hours of Paso Robles, you can rent the barrels. Most local wedding rental companies should have wine barrels available.

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Regardless, having wine barrels as decor in your wedding ceremony is a unique rustic yet exceptional way to enjoy the special day.

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