Cordless Screwdriver With Corkscrew

“I have a thing for tools.” – Tim Allen


This would have made it on the ’90s TV hit comedy Home Improvement. Except Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor (played by Tim Allen) would have tried to up the power and speed of his Binford 5000.

I saw this item last Christmas but had lost track of and forgot all about this trick tool. I realize not everyone is into gadgetry and certainly there are those in the wine culture who turn their collective noses up at such silliness. Regardless of what one might think of this contrivance, one of the king’s of tool making – Skil – offers up the Compact 4-Volt Max Cordless Lithium-Ion Driver Combo Kit with Wine Opener. Grunt, grunt, grunt.

Actually, there’s little grunting involved with this neat and cool device. The screwdriver is small and lightweight tool with a corkscrew attachment that’s slick and seemingly effective. It comes with a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery and is a perfect addition to any respectable tool person’s equipment crib – as long as they have a hunkering for wine. The low speed, high torque ability offers you control over the corkscrew with ease. It has an LED light so you can drink in the dark without a problem – very important. Any way you look at it, at the very least, you have a high quality cordless screwdriver.

Fun & inexpensive

Will combining power tools with wine drinking work? Your imagination can take you to a very fun and interesting situation should the libations be flowing a little more than normal with the mix of a power tool, could, well, yes, let’s just say interesting is one way of putting it.

In any case, this combination is available at Amazon for under $50 out the door and except for the occasional lawsuit or two that might come from combining drinking and machinery, this is a fun and handy tool to impress your friends and family – at least those who have a tool-centric mind … or a sense of humor.

May I open that bottle of wine for you madam? Grunt, grunt, grunt.

Salootie Patootie,

Daryle W. Hier




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