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Wine Barrel Tables

Folks ask me all the time how to make a good-looking table out of a wine barrel. Yes, we do offer the Decorative Glasstop Wine Barrel Table, but for the most part, we’re plenty busy with producing these striking decorative barrels and don’t have the time to put together real furniture type products. Still, there are those out there who have many ideas and thoughts on what and how to do-it-yourself.

So, I’ve thrown together several pictures on here with a little bit of information that could help with what should be a great yet simple project. DIY Wine Barrel Table

Whole Barrels

The whole used wine barrel can offer up more than one piece of furniture that should be the talk of any room. Much like our Glasstop Table, you can purchase one of our barrels and then acquire a glasstop at your local glass shop and voila! You have a simple yet attractive table top. If you already half some bar stools, you’re all set. Wine Barrel Outdoor Table

I may have mentioned this before but if you picked two or three used barrels, find a nice table top or if you want to be recycle-crazy and go all the way, obtain a used door and sit it on top of the barrels. This is quite eclectic but would make for a great barroom or patio table. If you wish, you can place a large tablecloth over it to give it an elegant look. Either way, it will present a relatively inexpensive yet useful while being unique piece of furniture. And likely no one else in your sphere of influence will have one. You can take this idea even farther and create a long bar or table counter either inside or out and set several barrels underneath some flat wood. This offers a countertop in large open areas. Yes, there’s no end to what ideas are available.

Half Barrels

If you’re interested in half barrels, There are a great many ideas including the simplest idea of all – sitting the barrel on its wide end and using the head or cap area (as they’re widely known) as the table top. This is one coffee or end table that will never be knocked over.

You can also do what we mentioned above with the full barrel and that’s to put a glasstop over it. And remember, you can add unusual items underneath the glass such as wine corks. When it comes to these half barrels, you can turn them upside down so-to-speak and place a glasstop over the wide end where the barrel was cut. With an open area underneath the glass, the suggestions are endless. You can place any of many things or nothing at all.

Half Wine Barrel Table - Glass top 2 picsHope these pictures and ideas help inspire and give you a better overall view and thoughts on how and what you can do with wine barrels as tables. If you have some suggestions, feel free to add them here.


Daryle W. Hier