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Paso Harvest Wine Celebrations

The month of October is considered harvest month although the first grapes were likely picked as early as the end of July and some grapes may be left on the vine until November. Still, as production winds down at the wineries in the fall, dinners and special celebrations finish off the season.

Autumn in Paso Robles vineyard

While any weekend of October can have celebratory events at many vineyard locations, the biggest weekend is in the middle of the month with what a local organization calls Harvest Wine Weekend. From Friday through Sunday (Oct. 17-19), over a 100 vineyards and wineries will have dinners, celebrations and festivities including music and entertainment. Fun stuff like grape-stomping, barrel tastings and food pairings will carry-on throughout the rolling hills of Paso Robles and much of the North County.

Sitting next to a vineyard while taking in its beauty matched against the countryside, is an adventure that can’t be missed. The canopies are starting to change color, which is one of the unique and almost breathtaking periods of the entire season with oranges, yellows and reds striking out through the wine country landscape, making for a memorable site.

The weather has cooled from the tremendous heat that summer and even early fall can present, offering up a comfortable setting for any type of gathering.

Paso Robles - bed and breakfast - view

High Ridge Manor

With a fun yet relaxing time enjoying music, food, wine and a view that can’t be imagined without actually being there, this is one of those special experiences that everyone must encounter some time in their life. So head on out to Paso Robles.

As we say:

“Paso Robles – Come for the view – stay for the wine.”


Daryle W. Hier