What Is The Best White Wine?

A lot of talk about red wine dominates our blog, but I realize, white wine is just as popular and in fact in some cases, is more popular than reds. I don’t personally have a great palette and it seems when it comes to the lighter shades of vino, my taste buds lack any real interest. Still, it’s easier on a hot day to uncork a nice white wine than heavier reds like Zin, which I love.White wines: keep these affordable winners, from both the New and Old World, chilled for any occasion.

But enough about my thoughts: what is your favorite white wine varietal?


Daryle W. Hier





1 thought on “What Is The Best White Wine?

  1. jomommerz@yahoo.com

    I’m pretty much like you Daryle in that whites of just about any varietal hit the spot, on hot days in particular, probably because they are usually chilled. Over the last ten years, I’ve moved over to the reds as my most favorite, and in particular Zinfandel; but, I love Pinot Noir and Petite Syrah a lot. However, when it, gets right down to it, if it is a good quality wine (whatever the varietal), I’m good to go. BTW, my answer on the white wine was Pinot Grigio.
    Salootie Patootie!!



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