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New Wine Barrel Artists

Just as our business came from a simple idea with no thoughts of a business, so too have these brand new artists and parents, with a another take on making wine barrels into art.

A year ago, Monte and Melissa Martella of Livermore, California, were awaiting the birth of their first child with no plan on creating a business. Yet, shortly after the birth of their daughter Audrina, with Monte staying home to care after both the Melissa and the newborn, he took a some old wine barrels and made a rocking chair out of the wood.

Then Monte created an American flag that has become a focal point of the new entrepreneurial project. Like our story, plus showing people on Facebook their work, there was a clamoring for the new products that has led to a booming business of sorts, taking old wine barrels and making art of all different types. Martella’s Wine Barrel Art Shop¬†(Etsy) is now something the two teachers do in their spare time.

The idea of making art and products out of wine barrels isn’t new, but the Martella’s have a twist on the idea and offer both products they make or something a customer might custom order.

They work with other artists and one company will be reproducing the popular American flag, exactly¬†to Monte’s specifications. And note, every other flag will still be produced by the Martella’s.

Check them out.

Additional source: Martellas.com


Daryle W. Hier