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This Year’s Top Three Wine Travel Destinations In U.S.

When it comes to wine destinations, there are all kinds of places folks might think of. Certainly most of California could be considered in the forefront of thought when traveling. And in fact wine travel in the Golden State is wide open with a plethora of great wine locations to visit.

However, there are many great places to enjoy wine in the United States. As far as Wine Enthusiast magazine is concerned, the top three places to go are the Finger Lakes in New York, Orlando, Florida, and Mendocino, California.

Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes

Just as Paso Robles was last year, the Finger Lakes region (New York) became the current top wine region in the world. Upstate New York has produced some of the great Riesling’s on the planet, and now the rest of the world is finding out what experts have known for years. However, the aromatic grape isn’t the only reason folks come to this part of the Empire State.

The Finger Lakes has long been a popular tourist destinations. While now being acknowledged as a promising wine-producing destination, the region also has a blossoming food culture. Combine this with some impressive natural beauty with the many Finger Lakes and four distinct seasons – it’s no wonder why the area was well thought-of as a top wine travel destination.


Orlando without doubt comes to mind when thinking travel. Heck, say just two words: Disney World, and it’s obvious why people would want to come to Florida. Also, let’s face it, Florida is on many folks minds when thinking of travel, including warm sunshine and a multitude of things to do.

However, wine destination? Isn’t this place for kids? In short, a grand assortment of top-notch eateries just outside of theme parks has helped put the popular tourist destination on the wine travel map. And don’t forget the fact the place is a golfers dream. No, there aren’t very many wines from the Sunshine State though there are many boutique vinos available and the overabundance of prime restaurants have more than their fare share of great wines to pull from.


With some of the most stunning coastline anywhere in the world, Mendocino jumps up on this list as already excellent wine region with splendid and magnificent views. Relaxing environs everywhere you turn offer a distinct calm and restful place that few destinations in the world can present. In other words the Mendocino region is laidback.

Infamous redwoods give way to a spectacular coast with dramatic sights that will leave you breathless. Cool weather wines like Pinot Noir along with Champagne (oops, sparkling wine) are in abundance – as is marijuana. Did I say it was laidback? Less than three hours north of the Bay Area, the region should be on anyone’s agenda if you’re into wine and travel.

In Vino Veritas,

Daryle W. Hier