Do You Wine Taste?

Wine tasting has been taking off for some time and even regions where there aren’t vineyards, have wine tasting rooms to learn and enjoy the latest wines.

However, not eTobin_James-wine_tastingveryone has the luxury or convenience of sauntering down to the local wine tasting bar and saddle up for a sip of vino … or more. So with that we ask, have you ever done wine tasting and if so, how many times? Or are you a regular on the scene of any and every wine tasting opportunity that comes across?

Let us know and share with your friends, family and colleagues. We want to know: Do You Wine Taste?


Daryle W. Hier









1 thought on “Do You Wine Taste?


    I loooove wine, esp. Zinfandel … well actually, most quality reds and most of the whites. So, again, I loooove wine; therefore, I’m apt to taste wine darn near every day!! What with living here in wine country on the California Central Coast and what with loving wine and beer and most alcohols, my enthusiastic answer would be YES I taste wine as often as possible. It’s cocktail time as of this moment so better go have a glass of wine – eh!
    Salootie Patootie!



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