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Wine Barrel Stave Coat Racks

Come on, you knew it was coming. Why do I say that? Because the reason Paso Wine Barrels is now producing coat hanger racks made from authentic oak wine barrels, is due to a constant drumbeat by customers asking for them. You were heard and here they are.

Decorative wine barrel stave coat rack.

Both of these products – Decorative and Natural – come direct from wine country and offer a uniqueness that no store-bought product can match. The complete originality is still there in all its splendor on the Natural coat racks, and the finish on the Decoratives coat racks still shows off the patina.


You can throw a coat or cap on these one-of-a-kind hangers. No two barrel staves are the same and after being used for some years, each has character and a captivating appeal unmatched in the otherwise very boring coat hanger rack world.

Natural wine barrel stave coat rack.

The staves are typically about 36 inches long with three brand new two-pronged brass hooks for your hat or jacket. There are holes drilled near both ends set at 32 inches apart – so you can easily screw them into your wall beams if you want. A standard home has what they call 16 inch centers, meaning every 16 inches, your home has a up and down two-by-four. Also, the height of each staves is about three inches, but can range from two-and-half inches up to four inches tall – We said unique. There is just about one inch of thickness for every wine barrel stave, allowing for plenty of wood to secure any kind of situation.

Free Shipping

Shipping is free currently and look for the product to made available internationally in the not too distant future.

Whether you choose the Natural or Decorative, you will have the only one like it. This distinctiveness and exclusivity is as genuine as the used wine barrels they came from.

The price of the Natural wine barrel stave coat rack is $39 and the Decorative style goes for $49. Again, shipping is free within the Continental U.S.

In person

Trading Day premiered wine barrel staves as coat racks.

If you were lucky enough to be on the Central Coast this past weekend and visited the arts and craft show in Downtown Paso, then you saw our inimitable racks firsthand. And if you do want to see them in person, you can visits us once again at the Park in Downtown Paso for the Lavender Festival on July 11th.

Alright, you’ve won with your persistence, now it’s time to order.


Daryle W. Hier


Racing Champ Scott Pruett Drives Just As Hard In Wine Business


The recent announcement that Ford will be heading up a multiple car Le Mans team led by car owner Chip Ganassi and driver Scott Pruett, is great news for the automobile world.  And speaking of Pruett, Scott has proven to be a winner at just about everything he does, including in the wine industry. See more about this incredibly driven person …

Racing Champ Scott Pruett Drives Just As Hard In Wine Business.


Daryle W. Hier


Trading Day In Paso Robles

As we head into June and the summer months, the arts and craft shows at the Downtown Park in Paso Robles are heating up. Check it out.

Trading Day - Paso Robles


This is a quick note that Saturday, June 20th will mark the first weekend of summer as well as Trading Day at the Park in Downtown Paso Robles. What’s even more important …

Trading Day In Paso Robles.

Paso Icon Back In Control

The history of winemaking on the California Central Coast, goes back centuries to when the Mission era started. However, Paso Robles as a major player in the wine industry wasn’t established until the 1970s. Look up any historical accounts of what made this region prosper and become the wine region of the world, and just about all would agree former Pennsylvanian Gary Eberle was the iconic pioneer who help promote Paso to its now high-standing in the world of wine.

Still, even as the founder and general partner, Eberle wasn’t wanted in his own business and lost control of Eberle Winery about 18 months ago. Ironically, the California State Fair Winery Advisory Task Force gave Eberle a lifetime achievement award this year. Regardless, other part-owners of Eberle Winery wanted to grow the business at a faster pace, so with that Gary was kept on as a figurehead (“brand ambassador”) but otherwise booted out of running his namesake company. That sad situation has changed.

The eponymous creator of much of the early vino fame in Paso Robles lore, has regained control of Eberle Winery. Gary and his wife Marcy took majority ownership of the famous eastside vineyard this week.

Paso Godfather

Little more than three decades ago, Eberle helped create as one of the founders, the Paso Robles AVA in the North County region of San Luis Obispo. Considered the ‘Godfather’ of Paso wine and an important voice for the area, the iconic figure will now once again lead a great winery into the future.

And Eberle Winery is fun place to go to. They have great scenic views, usually free tastings and most importantly, cave tours. A must see. Look for the boorhead logo to find their award winning wines.

So good news from the Central Coast as all is now well again. I mean what were they thinking? Sheesh!


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Col Solare Winery

What Goes On Inside A Wine Barrel

Ever wonder what is going inside a wine barrel? Creating wines is an art and science. Nuances of all sorts are working to form a vintage and maybe the most critical time is when the juice of the wine grapes is aging. However, what is actually going on and does anybody really know? We just might find out.


A new company called Watgrid from Portugal analyzes the purity of water. They have taken a lot of that same technology and applied it to wine. The product is called Winegrid and its aim is to analyze in real time, maturation and fermentation processes.

Winegrid sensors – made of stainless steel, glass and fiber-optics – are placed inside the dark recesses of a wine barrel and relay information back instantly. By having a constant reading of what is occurring, a winemaker can reduce their costs, while improving the quality of their vino. Usually, samples are taken out almost daily and studied by a lab. That time-consuming practice would be eliminated.

Starts in Bordeaux

The folks at Watgrid have met with barrel makers (cooperages) to get their input and see about integrating the Winegrid system into barrels. In-turn, they’ve contacted wineries, and one has said yes, to this newest technolgogy: Chateau Lynch-Bages. Lynch Bages is in an area of Bordeaux, France, that amongst many well-known vineyard estates in the region is the infamous Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

Known for their excellent terroir, the 220 acre Lynch Bages estate is a famous winery themselves dating back to the mid-1700s. Lynch Bages 2015 vintage will be one of the first to test the Winegrid technology. They will monitor the wine to watch it evolve, measuring fermentation, color, temperature, along with sugar and alcohol levels. By the way, Lynch Bages is updating their facilities with the help of famous architect IM Pei’s sons.

The equipment will also be used in larger vats as well, since the wine is originally placed in steel vats before moving over to oak wine barrels. We shall soon hear about what goes on in the dark mysterious interiors of a wine barrel. And maybe learn more than anyone ever knew? Who knew wine barrels could be so interesting. 😉


Daryle W. Hier