Paso Wine Barrels is a company we (Ron and Daryle Hier) started because others were as passionate as we were about our product.  In short, this father and son team took a used wine barrel that had lost its ability to create wine and instead, we designed it into a decorative wine barrel.  That barrel received so many comments from family and friends and in fact wanted one for themselves.  That is how we started Paso Wine Barrels.

Now we make barrels for resale and in turn, we were asked over and over to make planter barrels which is now offered too along with a garden hose barrel.

In addition, we also love Paso Robles, which is located on the Central Coast of California, one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Obviously the wine barrel business was created in part because of interest in the wine country that is Paso Robles and the Central Coast.

Here on the blog we will talk about all of these areas: Paso Robles, wine barrels, the Central Coast and of course wine.  We urge you to comment and if you have any questions don’t be shy about asking us anything that comes to mind.

We love our little neck of the woods and hope we can offer insight into wine, barrels and Paso Robles, a place we call “almost paradise”.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. PasoDr Post author

    Hi Kevin,

    Appreciate your consideration. We deal strictly in used wine barrels. On a great occasion we might receive an old whiskey barrel, but other than that, nothing else. A lot of the breweries and distilleries around here, often use used wine barrels. Hope this helps and thanks for the interest.


    Daryle W. Hier
    Paso Wine Barrels



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