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Alzheimer’s Benefit Street Faire

The simple task of getting up on a Saturday morning and readying yourself to enjoy another California Central Coast summer day and stroll through an art and crafts fair seems trouble-free for most of us. And that’s what some of us will do this Saturday on August 23rd. However, for others, that simple pleasure will be ambiguous and confusing.

Arts & Craft Fair

There are many hideous diseases in the world and saying one is worse than the others is arbitrary at best. With that said, when you are sick with a certain type of ailment, you have the will and mind to figure out how to fight it. That’s not necessarily the case with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

In the simplest context, especially with the late stages of Alzheimer’s your ability to think is essentially gone, as the disease has basically eaten away the brain and made the sufferer incapable of even knowing what’s going on.

Diagnosing dementias are key to knowing how and what to do to make life livable. And everyone should do all they can to find out whether they have any stages of Alzheimer’s. There are treatments and ways to combat the illness although there doesn’t appear to be a cure as yet. Vitamins, supplements, eating a certain way, exercising and keeping your mind alert and working, will all delay or nearly stop this insidious disease. Also, the caregivers along with close family and friends will eventually feel the brunt of this terrible condition.

I’ve been an Advocate for Alzheimer’s for the better part of two decades. I witnessed firsthand the debilitating effects of what dementias can do when my grandparents had differing types of brain diseases. The toll it took on them and the loved ones around them is heartbreaking, yet something folks need to learn about so they can better prepare.

Alzheimer's brain

That’s in part why we at Paso Wine Barrels will be taking part in the First Annual Alzheimer’s Benefit Street Faire. Part of our sales proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, which helps raise money for research at finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Now would be as good a time as any to help a great cause while getting that wine barrel you’ve always wanted. Come on out to Creston Village at 1919 Creston Road in Paso Robles – the event runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Saturday August 23rd.

Additional sources: Alzheimer’s Association


Daryle W. Hier




Wine And Alzheimer’s

As a longtime advocate for Alzheimer’s, I’ve noticed a great many advances in treating and perhaps even curing Alzheimer’s disease.  You can write several books on the subject but there’s one particular area that has been brought to the fore lately – the affects of wine on Alzheimer’s.

Researchers have discovered a link between a beneficial compound in red wine called resveratrol compared with the cholesterol-carrying protein (plaque) that can create and/or exacerbate the memory-wasting disease, Alzheimer’s.  Resveratrol has been determined to negate the debilitating actions of these oppressive plaques.Wine and Alzheimer's

The findings have placed wine front and center in the battle of terrible dementia’s like Alzheimer’s.  Essentially what the good compounds do is impede development of Alzheimer’s and therein lies the essential good affect that wine has with inhibiting the debilitating disease.

Wine is good

Without getting too technical about this natural disruptor, wine is good.  Indeed wine has been associated with properties that are good for your heart as well as fighting cancer due to the anti-oxidant assets.  Obviously moderation is the key because too much alcohol can produce other problems such as liver disease and hypertension.

Nevertheless, they found this chemical compound and now are working towards supplying a medication to give potential patients.

Alzheimer’s is a hideous disease that unlike other illnesses attacks the brain and renders the inflicted person helpless to fight it, especially in the latter stages.  When fighting other ailments, at least you have your mind but with dementias the will is gone and having seen it first hand, the person has no idea … and I mean no idea, as they are essentially a vegetable.

Hopefully this latest bit of research will bring even more advances with the possibility of a cure for Alzheimer’s in the future.  Remember, in moderation … drink up!


Daryle W. Hier

Source: Alzheimer’s Association