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Barrelhead As Essential Oil Rack


The essential oil market is growing in leaps and bounds. So to keep up with demand, consumers need rack or shelf to store their oils. This is where a natural cohesion of two beautiful products come together.essential oil rack

A used wine barrel can be recyclable into a wide variety of items. Here, the two barrelheads on each end of a used wine barrel are repurposed into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that allows the user to place their oil bottles conveniently on a stunning handmade rack.

The rack has five reclaimed oak shelves – made again from barrelheads – containing a total of 42 slots for your essential oil bottles (typically 15 ml size). Each shelf is differentiated from the other just as every used wine barrel is, well, different from one another. The rack hangs on the wall, which is easy to do. Note: This rack can be also used for nail polish bottles as well. Bottles not included.

As with art, each rack is an original, offering the user a unique decoration unmatched in its look and representation. The racks individual pieces are recycled from a used wine barrel, and sourced directly from wine country on the California Central Coast. The rack is only varathaned, to add luster, yet the texture and patina are kept with the originality of the wood.

To order, go to PasoWineBarrels.com website and click on Wolfhaus Rustic & Refined tab where you’ll find the item – Essential Oil Rack (Barrel Head – 42 Holes). Or you can just click on the link here: https://www.pasowinebarrels.com/product-page/essential-oil-rack

As with all of Paso Wine Barrels products, shipping is free.

Essential_oils_rack-wall_grass_backgroundThese repurposed gems are singularly handmade and consequently there can be a delay in receiving your item, but rest assured, the rack will be to you in no time at all.

There are certainly mundane plastic racks for holding your essential oil necessities, but none of them are as natural and unique as this original Essential Oil Rack handmade from a used wine barrelhead – where art and oils meet, naturally.


Daryle W. Hier






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Cash On The Barrelhead

There are thousands of idioms spoken and we here at Paso Wine Barrels use many of them. From ‘a dime a dozen’ to ‘you can’t take it with you’, there are thousands with meanings for each of them. However, since we use the term here – literally as well as figuratively – the unique phrase we’re talking about is: “Cash on the barrelhead”.

Old shipping barrels

In its simplest form, which you may know, the most straightforward meaning of ‘cash on the barrelhead’ is paying for something with cash at purchase. But what would be the fun with ending it there?

Up until maybe the last century, products often were transported long distance using barrels, especially shipping waterways and overseas. Certainly liquids such as wine and beer are obvious but also honey, spices and many types of foods were also contained in wooden barrels.

As the ancient cultures learned long ago, it’s easier to roll products from point to point rather than lifting boxes or any other odd shaped item. So the barrel became a simpler and standard way of transporting goods.


Credit wasn’t widely used until banking became a way of paying for services or merchandise. So when something was shipped into port and a barrel of product was for sale, unless there was credit, you paid for the goods right then and there with cash laid down on the ‘barrel head’.

Cash on the barrel head

To maybe pinpoint the definition a little more, although history is murky here, the most common thought is that in the American West, barrels were commonly used as tables – when they were not able to contain products effectively. When services or merchandise were offered, the transaction would commonly be for cash only placed on the table, i.e. barrel or barrelhead.

There’s a similar term that’s more international: ‘cash on the nail’. A nail, in long ago times, was a small table in front of an exchange outlet. Without going into another big explanation, to pay ones debt promptly or on the spot, they paid cash on the nail.

There you go. A little bit of knowledge on a typical idiom that not everyone knows about … but now you do.


Daryle Hier