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Barrelhead As Essential Oil Rack


The essential oil market is growing in leaps and bounds. So to keep up with demand, consumers need rack or shelf to store their oils. This is where a natural cohesion of two beautiful products come together.essential oil rack

A used wine barrel can be recyclable into a wide variety of items. Here, the two barrelheads on each end of a used wine barrel are repurposed into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that allows the user to place their oil bottles conveniently on a stunning handmade rack.

The rack has five reclaimed oak shelves – made again from barrelheads – containing a total of 42 slots for your essential oil bottles (typically 15 ml size). Each shelf is differentiated from the other just as every used wine barrel is, well, different from one another. The rack hangs on the wall, which is easy to do. Note: This rack can be also used for nail polish bottles as well. Bottles not included.

As with art, each rack is an original, offering the user a unique decoration unmatched in its look and representation. The racks individual pieces are recycled from a used wine barrel, and sourced directly from wine country on the California Central Coast. The rack is only varathaned, to add luster, yet the texture and patina are kept with the originality of the wood.

To order, go to PasoWineBarrels.com website and click on Wolfhaus Rustic & Refined tab where you’ll find the item – Essential Oil Rack (Barrel Head – 42 Holes). Or you can just click on the link here: https://www.pasowinebarrels.com/product-page/essential-oil-rack

As with all of Paso Wine Barrels products, shipping is free.

Essential_oils_rack-wall_grass_backgroundThese repurposed gems are singularly handmade and consequently there can be a delay in receiving your item, but rest assured, the rack will be to you in no time at all.

There are certainly mundane plastic racks for holding your essential oil necessities, but none of them are as natural and unique as this original Essential Oil Rack handmade from a used wine barrelhead – where art and oils meet, naturally.


Daryle W. Hier






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Essential Oils Display Holder

Nearly since the beginning of time, essential oils have been used by humankind. Extracted from plants, essential oils or EOs, have been apart of medicinal history and formed a backbone for medical aids. Recently, it appears the homeopathic popularity of EOs has created a buzz and become somewhat of a leader in natural health and healing therapies.

Whether as an alternative too or complementary of traditional medicine, with this growth, the essential oil business has boomed. And why is a blog on wine barrels talking about a rather obscure world of EOs? Well, companies like multi-level marketer doTerra are leading a charge of sales advocates who are promoting and distributing EOs around the world.

As with any sales demonstration, the product needs a eye-catching display, and that’s where wine barrels come in – or more specifically, used wine barrel staves. Similar to the craze of essential oils, so too wine barrels and their components are becoming popular and more widely seen in a broad assortment of uses.

A strikingly unique display

One of those uses is as a holder of the small bottles that essential oils come in. The display is just starting to be used by wellness advocates from doTerra, but actually can be used by anyone who would like the eclectic use of a wine barrel stave to show off your oils in a home or business.

Currently, this Essential Oils Display Holder is available in its natural form with no changes other than holes drilled in the stave, for placing the vials of essential oils into. This exhibit holds a total of 11 bottles, with 10 spaces for 15 milliliter (ml) bottles and one for a 5ml bottle. The stave offers the usual patina of a wine barrel stave with an aged look, possible stains and the rustic appearance barrels can get.

No two staves are the same, so each is unique, distinctive and inimitable in its own way. The new product from PasoWineBarrels.com is available, however, the interest and want to have this one-of-a-kind creation is outpacing production, so don’t be surprised if there’s a few days delay in receiving the essential oil display holder.

There are plans underway to produce a Decorative EO display holder as well, but the release of this latest product is still weeks away. In the meantime, for all you wellness folks, you can go to the Paso Wine Barrels website to purchase the display or go to one of our occasional appearances at arts and craft shows, mainly in Downtown Paso Robles. Our next show is Trading Day on the first weekend of summer (June 20th).

This stave holder can be utilized for a wide variety of applications outside of the essential oils like doTerra – anything that can fit into the inch and an eighth hole. The uses may be endless, so check it out.

Note: Other than Paso Wine Barrels, I am not a part of any company including doTerra. 

Additional source: doTerra – Melinda Hier-Goetz


Daryle W. Hier




Wine, Barrels, Insurance, Autoparts, Daryle And Bill Foley

Bill Foley and I have a lot in common

I’ve known Bill Foley for quite awhile – not personally, but did talk to him and his people in another lifetime ago regarding marketing his food empire. Also, I know of him through my connections with the automotive world because he also owns a giant manufacturer of auto parts (Remy, formerly Delco-Remy). He is the man behind billion-dollar companies including Fidelity National Financial (which includes the largest title insurance company in the U.S.) and with the help of those finances, Foley’s personal wealth rose substantially. In-turn, he’s been focused on vino, which once again caught my attention when he bought several wineries over the last handful of years.

William P. Foley II

William P. Foley II

His full name is William P Foley II and the billionaire-to-be’s wine empire is becoming extensive. The mogul didn’t start off in the wine business doing very well but recently, has caught on and is now a powerful player in the world of wines.

New wine mogul

Bill Foley essentially started buying wineries in Santa Barbara and worked his way up the coast. He now owns wineries all over the world and amongst others here on the Central Coast of California, he purchased Firestone Vineyards. Foley also bought EOS, which had been a favorite of our family for many years. They moved the location of EOS to a new facility at Firestone down 46 East nearer to Paso Robles. Our connection to EOS goes back to when the Arciero Brothers owned it. The racing relationship combined with a great park-like setting and formidable winery hooked us. Now Broken Earth owns the grounds with former Indy racecar owner Gerald Forsythe at the helm. By the way, Bill missed out on this incredible location and facility.

In any case, Foley’s viticultural business holdings (Foley Family Wines) have blossomed this past decade. His style is to acquire undervalued properties that have underperformed, struggled or are just plain in bankruptcy. He tries to be vertically integrated meaning he wants all levels under his control, from the vineyard, to the wine-making facilities and distributor (he owns a wholesaler/importer); plus, he can also sell the wines to his other restaurant holdings. I could go on about his business acumen, but to say the least, Bill Foley is doing well for himself in his relatively new venture.

Roth Estate Winery

Stunning tasting room

An interesting item that really caught my attention was Foley’s latest tasting room off of Chalk Hill Road near Healdsburg in Sonoma County (Russian River Valley). The Roth Estate Winery combines a portion of the barrel storage facility with the tasting room, bringing a modern look, using wood as its primary focus. The experience should be worth the tasting fee of $15.

Now we at Paso Wine Barrels certainly are partial and accustom to wine barrels as a unique and bold appearance for any room. Envious of anything to do with barrels, this take is quite stunning. The floor is done in white oak, which of course is what every wine barrel is made of. Oh, and magnificently standing in the tasting room is a large table made of a fallen 400 year old tree. In a nutshell, it’s striking and very handsome. This new part of the VIP tasting room opens in the spring of 2015 and should be everyone’s list of must sees.

Roth Estate winery - table

VIP Tasting room at Roth Estate Winery

It all ties in

Except for the fact I buy insurance, otherwise Mr. Foley and I have much in common. As far as automotive is concerned, I spent the first two decades of my working life heavily involved in auto parts industry. I was in negotiations with Remy at one time for a sponsorship. Since he bought my favorite winery at the time, EOS, in which I knew the former and current owners (who were racecar owners), it’s kind of a relationship by symbiosis. My partner and father Ron, has been associated with the racing world almost all his life. Hey, and let’s face it, wine barrels, and therefore wine go hand-in-hand. Finally, wine barrels are our middle name and he owns a lot of them and did wonders with his barrel storage area turned into tasting room. See how that perfectly ties in? 😉

In any case, I’d advise keeping tabs on Mr. William P Foley II. His trend is always up and this wine thing of his is only getting bigger … and better. Plus, he has a lot in common with me.


Daryle W. Hier





Racing To Wine – Gerald Forsythe

The associations and connections that happen along the way of life can be simple or complex, but with Gerald (Gerry) Forsythe, owning a large and successful winery in California could hardly have been considered from his beginnings in a small rural town in east central Illinois.

Broken Earth Winery

Broken Earth Winery

Forsythe is the man behind the investment to bring the winery back that was once Arciero, EOS, Sapphire and now is Broken Earth Winery.  To be clear, Chris Cameron is the winemaker and in charge of the winery as it races quickly along but Forsythe’s money is what purchased the business end of the deal – however, note the land is still owned by Chinese investors who acquired the property from Sapphire Wines.  It’s a longer story than that but in short, Forsythe owns the lease on the land and use of the facility, which is quite extensive.  The company is under the Continental Vineyards name.

Power and racing

Born and raised in Marshall, Illinois, Forsythe was known more for his building of a giant power industry empire, amassing nearly a billion dollars of personal worth.  Still, his most public achievement may have been a more notable exploit with Gerry known as an open wheel car owner in the world of IndyCar and then owner of a series.

Gerald (Gerry) Forsythe

Already quite wealthy from his growing cogeneration power plants and equipment businesses under the company name of Indeck, Forsythe became a winning car owner in CART during the ‘90s with famous Canadian drivers like Jacques Villeneuve, Greg Moore and Paul Tracy.  Notoriety would follow when Gerry along with Kevin Kalkhoven and Paul Gentilozzi acquired CART in 2003 – which was competing against IndyCar.  The new series was renamed ChampCar and it would continue to be head-to-head versus IndyCar for five more years before a merger (acquisition by IndyCar) helped bring Forsythe’s involvement in motorsports to an end.

Back in the hands of a racer

A soured and bitter end to his racing entities may have helped turn his attention to sweeter investments such as the purchase of the old EOS winery.  For those in motorsports, it may seem ironic that a property originally owned by Frank Arciero and his brother who themselves were highly involved in racing including IndyCar, brings the vineyard and wine-making operation full circle and back into the hands of another racer.

Broken Earth winery is more than self-sufficient with a very profitable solar panel farm.

It wouldn’t be a Gerry Forsythe company if Broken Earth Winery weren’t more than self-sufficient with a very profitable solar panel farm for all their power.

Little more than five miles east of Downtown Paso Robles on Hwy 46 East, Broken Earth has a very nice tasting room and café along with a large outdoor area to enjoy the sites of east Paso Robles.  The winery is also large with a huge commercial wine-making ability.  Interestingly enough, the property is completely self-sufficient with a good size solar-panel farm directly south of the winery and in-fact sells energy back to the power company.

Making a name

The grapes were prized by Napa almost a half a century ago but never sold under a Paso Robles banner until recent decades.  Thanks to Forsythe and Cameron – who is doing a fabulous job so far – now they’re world renown just like the Paso Robles region as a whole.  Note that Forsythe also owns resorts and golf courses in Michigan, along with a 28,000 acre cattle ranch in Illinois.

Gerry Forsythe may have many other businesses under his belt but none of them is as attractive and productive for sheer enjoyment like Broken Earth Winery.  Gerry partnered with a dynamic vintner in Chris Cameron and the winemaker has the vineyard racing forward, likely making this business venture as successful as all the other Forsythe companies.

The green flag has just flown – there are many more laps for Forsythe to watch over as his winery business speeds forward.

Additional source: Autocourse Official History: Cart: The First 20 Years, 1979-1998,  http://nostalgiadr.wordpress.com/, Broken Earth Wines

Salootie Patootie,

Daryle Hier