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Reminder: Here Is The Big News!

We glossed over the big news last week because of the sudden loss of cohort, colleague and best friend Luis Nunez.  However, it is quite a big change for us to reduce our prices on full Decorative barrels by $100 or more.  These prices will stay with us for awhile but you should take a look at what is now much more affordable and yet at the same time, the exact identical quality.


Here Is The Big News!

Let us know if you’re interested in multiple orders and we will still be able to work out a deal.

By the way, we thank everyone for the private well-wishes and we are determined to take this company to the heights that Luis envisioned.  Thanks again.


Daryle W. Hier




Here Is The Big News!

As we noted before, our first big appearance was this coming Saturday at the Park in Downtown Paso Robles. There we were going to announce by far the biggest news in a our very short history. Here’s that announcement.If Your Waiting For A Sign This Is It

PasoWineBarrels.com will be significantly reducing their prices on all Decorative Wine Barrels by up to $150! This includes our half barrels such as the Planter Barrels and Hose Holders.


The price reduction was in part brought on by a couple of main reasons. First, we’ve been working hard to reduce the time and labor put into each barrel, plus our own experience throughout the process gave us the ability eliminate unneeded procedures. Second, influenced by our just deceased best friend Luis Nunez, who felt the price point was a bit high, and having polled different friends and cohorts, we found the new prices to be much more inline with what folks were willing to invest.

The new prices are listed below:

The the biggest percentage drop is the Decorative Wine Barrel, which was reduced 20%. The most significant overall dollar reduction is the Decorative Glasstop Table, which plunged $150.

There is still room for more discounts depending on quantities ordered and whether the barrel is supplied by the customer or not – please contacts us for questions or details. Other reductions in price may occur periodically with specials or other possible unique deals that may be presented.

Here to stay

These prices are permanent as this is not a special. At some future time when the market dictates and cost change, these prices may be altered, but for now, this reduction will stay in affect until further notice.

So there you have it. We certainly had wished that our number one fan Luis, could see this but he knew that we were reducing the prices and I’m sure would have had a ball helping us sell our barrels, which he loved with a passion.Go Ahead It Will Be Fun

Now go ahead, quit procrastinating because we’ve given you every reason to purchase one of these incredible products. You’ll have fun with an extraordinary barrel that will always be talked about.


Daryle W. Hier




World’s Best Oak Hose Holder

When looking in patio, yard or garden stores physically or on the internet, the search to find that ultimate storage container for your garden hose, things like copper, brass or any a sundry of different types of vessels are out there.  However, when exploring for an authentic half oak wine barrel, well, good luck with finding a quality hose holder that is anywhere close to fitting the bill!

Because not everyone’s taste is the same, obviously different styles of all kinds leave the array of choices far-reaching, along with being mind-numbing.  Yet, when it comes to authentic wine barrel styles, oddly there are very few options available.

Oak half barrel - Hose Holder

World’s Best Oak Hose Holder

Sure, there are plastic, fiberglass and other artificial products that can be made to look like a real wine barrel.  I have an old plastic holder from several years back and because the paint had come off, it was made into a planter, but now it has a crack in it.  If it didn’t have a plant in it that I don’t want to transplant, that ugly thing would be gone.

There are copper and brass hose holders but they’re not exactly cheap.  Try getting a brass container and you will need to hit your retirement account – they are expensive.

The reason an oak half barrel is ideal is because oak itself is so hardy.  The problem comes after a few years of use, the barrel exterior turns grey and it starts to look tired.  Now some folks don’t mind that, but what if you could make that finish last years longer and in fact, allow the oak barrel to last nearly a lifetime?

The Answer

That’s where Paso Wine Barrels’ Hose Holder is ideal.  The barrel is sanded down, stained, sealed and then several coats of varnish are applied.  This gives the interior and exterior a one-of-a-kind appearance and makes the barrel stand out while looking almost like a piece of furniture.

The barrel has holes drilled in it and that includes the second false bottom which is added to help with water drainage while bringing the hose up for easier access.  Now, the barrel’s false bottom is removable offering either preference.  You should note the second or false bottom is stained and sealed to give it the same qualities as the rest of the barrel.

As with all the Decorative Wine Barrels at Paso Wine Barrels, you have your choice of natural, black, burgundy or green paint on the hoop bands.  This way, you can customize the look to fit any landscape.

Don’t take my word for it.  Search any and everywhere you can, but when you’re done with investigating this unique hose container, it becomes evidently clear that Paso Wine Barrels Hose Holder is at the top when comparing half oak wine barrels as a hose holder.  Or as the title states – this is the world’s best oak hose holder.

Salootie Patootie,

Daryle W. Hier