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Color Of The Year Is A Wine

Over two decades ago when I began my involvement with marketing on a full-time basis, one of the many aspects I learned about was color. Of course, having had a paint and body restoration business before that, gave me an insight into colors and how people are attracted to and affected by them.

For the last dozen years or so, I’ve been intrigued by ‘Colors of the Year’ such as Pantone comes up with. Last year was Radiant Orchid which is most closely described as violet. Manufacturers of clothes along with designers and other consumer-driven companies use the color to help guide them as to what may or may not work currently for the public.

More well known as a cooking wine, Marsala is a fortified wine that is not unlike Port. The color has a dark tone which is where 2015 Color of the Year is derived from.

Which brings us to the 2015 Color of the Year: Marsala. For those of you who are familiar with wines, might recognize the name as the deep rich fortified wine from Italy, or more specifically Sicily. And indeed, that is where the name came from for this color which would otherwise be described as a dark ruby red, deep cardinal or maroon. Here in Paso Robles, we might call the color a crimson red (after the high school‘s color), but Pantone chose a very dark color that is more like a red brown. By the way, cooks know Marsala as a cooking wine – you’ve probably heard of Chicken Marsala.

“Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.” – Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute

Yet, not everyone is excited about the somewhat demure color. Some have stated that the color is old-fashion or pigeonholed as strictly a fall color. I learned in the automotive business, that not every color looks good for all applications.

Examples of the Marsala color with gowns.

Still, Marsala reminds me of our own burgundy color option used for bands on Decorative Whole Barrels or half Planter Barrels and remains one of the favorite colors chosen by our customers. Go here to put chose your favorite color.

Regardless of those who aren’t enamored with this vino-inspired tone, it will be more prominent in 2015 and why wouldn’t a wine shade be a great basis for color throughout the year … or any year. Maybe we should change our color choice from burgundy to Marsala. Hmmm …


Daryle W. Hier