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Paso Robles Restaurant Issue

Living in Paso Robles in the midst of wine country and the California Central Coast has privileges beyond what most folks enjoy. We are lucky and I appreciate this immensely.

If I was to complain

As with almost anything, if you think hard, there are situations you can complain about such as the wide ranging weather we can experience – some of which includes winds that can be a bummer, especially in the spring and early summer months. With barely 30,000 people living here, you wouldn’t expect traffic and essentially we don’t have any like big cities, but it can be aggravated by influxes of visitors and vacationers that can double our towns population during certain event, festivities or holidays. Also, being far enough way from major population centers like L.A. and the Bay Area has its disadvantages as well because the cost of bringing materials here makes the cost of living high.

I’m really okay with all that, but there is something great about another problem we have in Paso Robles: Food.

The town has great eateries with fantastic foods … but … and you knew I was heading somewhere – there are so many restaurants with fantastic, but high priced food, that it’s hard to find good meals at reasonable rates. Kinda bitchy, aren’t I.

Still, in the several years I’ve lived here, anytime I want to out for a decent meal, I have to get a Letter-of-Credit from the bank. It ain’t cheap.

A few good places

Sancho's on Spring

Sancho’s on Spring offers good food at reasonable prices.

Sure, we have some diners and locals small restaurants that offer good food at reasonable prices like Sancho’s on Spring, Joe’s Place and Touch of Paso. The issue here is that the latter two are not open for dinner and the former went out of business this past year. Yes, we do have an Applebee’s and Chile’s, which sort of fit the mold, but …

However, if you’re a foodie, Paso just may be your place. And as was mentioned recently in a San Francisco Chronicle article, the quality of food here in our cozy little town can match-up with the best. The hospitality of the town and its inhabitants is remarkable. So when you enjoy the restaurants in Paso Robles, you likely will leave happy about the entire experience.

Still, I would like to see some lower to mid range eateries, especially for dinner, that don’t make you feel like you were just mugged. Unlike a lot of foodie’s I don’t believe in paying an arm-and-a-leg for a meal.

Alright, I got that off my chest. Now it’s on to what makes me love this paradise called Paso Robles.


Daryle W. Hier