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What Is Bouquet?

For those of you who may not understand all the terminology in the wine world, ever once in a while, we have these quick little info shorts on nuances like bouquet. And no, we’re not talking about flowers.

Smelling the bouquet of wine

In its simplest form, when talking about wine, the bouquet is basically the smell or scent of a wine. However, the serious wine connoisseur would describe the scent of older wines as bouquet, while younger wines have an aroma. Also, since this older more developed wine’s bouquet is even considered, that would mean it is likely a very good wine.

We at Paso Wine Barrels admit that we’re not the greatest tasters of wine although yours truly thinks his nose is a good one. Yeah, insert joke here.

Anyway, since human beings garner a vast majority of their taste through smell with use of the olfactory bulb, the bouquet of a wine can be interesting … and important. It’s not an exact science, but someday, try swirling a glass of wine and then tipping your nose into the glass and think about what you smell. The aroma or bouquet might jump out at you – at the very least you can have fun trying.

Now wipe your nose off – you look silly.


Daryle W. Hier