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Wine Barrel Stave Ideas

Along with being ideal for wine-making, some of the many attributes of white oak is it’s strong, dense and durable. It’s also, rot-resistant while being beautiful and relatively easy to get a hold of. Because of its versatility, a new trend has been pushing us at Paso Wine Barrels and it’s no wonder folks have incessantly asked us if we sold just the barrel staves. We do now and thought we could offer some ideas for what can be done with the easy-to-work with hardwood.

Candle holder - click on pick for a closer look and a link to make your own.

Candle holder – click on picture for a closer look and a link to make your own.

The structure and quality of these unique pieces of oak are remarkable. The used wine barrel stave is distinctive for their curves and tapered ends. This allows making almost anything with them, ever-so inimitable and different. Staves made into furniture is becoming all the rage, but one of the most popular and simple ideas is as a candle holder. You can find these products already made, but they may set you back at least $50 or more online and in specialty stores, they can run up to $100. I’ll not go into the how-to’s here, however, click on the picture to find out how to make your own candle holder.

Simple, fun idea

Wine_Barrel_SignsAnother idea is a stave as a sign. The ideas for a sign are too numerous to consider, but regardless, the exclusivity involved in using a barrel stave as a sign, offer any quote, name or whatever you’d like as an example of matchless signage that will always be the talk of friends, family or colleagues.

To get a bit more involved but staying simple for the most part, coat racks are something that can be useful as well as distinguishing. While it may be a bit eclectic – not a bad thing – coat racks are surprisingly easy to put together yourself. And for your viewing pleasure, because I know some of you relate to videos more than written instructions, here’s a video on how to make a simple coat rack from a wooden barrel stave.

Cool-looking chairs

Still one more way of many that has gained popularity is using barrel staves for creating a chair. Whether it’s a stool, a rocking chair, possibly a Adirondack patio lounge or even a bar table, the look is extraordinary. The natural curves of the staves allow for an almost innate design that is comfortable and stylish at the same time. The burgundy tone on the insides of the staves offer a one-of-a-kind look that can’t be imitated. Even white wine staves offer a golden hue not easily duplicated. Here are some examples of stave chairs, if you’re not into making it yourself.


If you want to go to the extreme of buying your own used barrel and take it apart for use in multiple arts and crafts, although the information is a few years old, this site gives you the inside scoop for disassembly.

White oak’s wear-resistance is exceptional, so these products can be used inside or out. If you’re going to sand and stain them (which probably includes a sealer), they will last that much longer and indoors, that could mean indefinite.

Whether it’s staves for furniture or the many other ideas including such items like foot stools, end tables and wine racks to mention a few more, you can’t go wrong with this hottest trend. I’ve only touched on suggestions for what barrel staves can be used for or made into, but I hope this helps. Now get your used wine barrels staves!

And hey, do you have an idea for used wine barrel staves? Let’s hear it.


Daryle W. Hier