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One-of-a-kind Coat And Hat Rack

Sometimes we come up with ideas based on what we personally need around the shop or home. We needed a couple of spots where we could hang coats during the winter and all our assorted caps and hats. This particular need and idea isn’t unusual and certainly others have made coat and hat racks – heck there are hundreds of them for sale.

Extremely unique coat and hat rack

Extremely unique coat and hat rack

Ah, but with that said, I looked around trying to find a handmade coat rack that was constructed strictly from a used wine barrel. Lo and behold to my surprise, I couldn’t find a coat/hat rack that was made only with wine barrel parts. Specifically, a used wine barrel stave and hooks made from hoop bands.

Nothing like this

Yes, you can find staves made into an assortment of products including coat racks. For instance we make one of these out of a barrel stave, but with three two-pronged brass hooks purchased from an outlet store. However, they are always made using store-bought hooks or other a sundry products made into a holder.

Now, it isn’t exactly easy taking a hoop band, cutting pieces off and then shaping them into a hook. Still, there are folks out there who have the ability to make things into almost anything you can imagine. Yet, the simple thought of creating a hook out of a hoop band from a wine barrel, obliviously didn’t happen.

So here you have it. We take a used wine barrel stave with all it’s inimitable appearance and sand it down just a bit to smooth out the roughness, but keeping the distinctive patina. We drill two holes on each end about 32 inches apart so it can be screwed into a typical wall which has 16 inch centers (the beams behind the wall). We then apply a single coat of sealer and stain – let dry – then cover with a coat of varathane to add a bit of shine to what is an unmatched coat and hat rack. We screw on five hoop bands which have been shaped and curved into a hook. These hooks are sanded down to take off any blemishes or sharp edges, while still maintaining the rugged look of a used wine barrel band. coat and hat rack with cap


Since each one is handmade, you will have the only one like it. These unique and apparently rare coat and hat racks will be the talk of the town almost as much as a piece of artwork.

Incredibly priced below $45 with free shipping – because we don’t know any better – they are available in limited supply right now, but over time, we will produce more. Check them out here: I don’t believe you will find anything else like it.


Daryle W. Hier


Renovated Used Wine Barrel








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Wine Barrel Stave Coat Racks

Come on, you knew it was coming. Why do I say that? Because the reason Paso Wine Barrels is now producing coat hanger racks made from authentic oak wine barrels, is due to a constant drumbeat by customers asking for them. You were heard and here they are.

Decorative wine barrel stave coat rack.

Both of these products – Decorative and Natural – come direct from wine country and offer a uniqueness that no store-bought product can match. The complete originality is still there in all its splendor on the Natural coat racks, and the finish on the Decoratives coat racks still shows off the patina.


You can throw a coat or cap on these one-of-a-kind hangers. No two barrel staves are the same and after being used for some years, each has character and a captivating appeal unmatched in the otherwise very boring coat hanger rack world.

Natural wine barrel stave coat rack.

The staves are typically about 36 inches long with three brand new two-pronged brass hooks for your hat or jacket. There are holes drilled near both ends set at 32 inches apart – so you can easily screw them into your wall beams if you want. A standard home has what they call 16 inch centers, meaning every 16 inches, your home has a up and down two-by-four. Also, the height of each staves is about three inches, but can range from two-and-half inches up to four inches tall – We said unique. There is just about one inch of thickness for every wine barrel stave, allowing for plenty of wood to secure any kind of situation.

Free Shipping

Shipping is free currently and look for the product to made available internationally in the not too distant future.

Whether you choose the Natural or Decorative, you will have the only one like it. This distinctiveness and exclusivity is as genuine as the used wine barrels they came from.

The price of the Natural wine barrel stave coat rack is $39 and the Decorative style goes for $49. Again, shipping is free within the Continental U.S.

In person

Trading Day premiered wine barrel staves as coat racks.

If you were lucky enough to be on the Central Coast this past weekend and visited the arts and craft show in Downtown Paso, then you saw our inimitable racks firsthand. And if you do want to see them in person, you can visits us once again at the Park in Downtown Paso for the Lavender Festival on July 11th.

Alright, you’ve won with your persistence, now it’s time to order.


Daryle W. Hier