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NEW! Renovated Wine Barrel

It looks like a Decorative, but it’s not. This is Paso Wine Barrels newest version called Renovated. The Renovated wine barrels cost out about $50 less than a Decorative – yes, $50 less, yet don’t look remarkably different.

Renovated Used Wine Barrel

They are lightly sanded and stained with a sealer. Customers have wanted a barrel with a little more patina, showing off some of its uniqueness and this does the trick – plus that part about it being $50 less.

The barrel will make its first showing at the Olive Festival, Saturday August 15th (Downtown Park in Paso Robles). They will officially go on sale through the website August 20th at $175 – the first barrel available at the Olive Festival will be a one-day sale of $165.

Order now, because with request already coming in, there might be a backlog and wait.


Daryle W. Hier



Where The Barrels Have Gone

Many have asked over the past months, why availability of used wine barrels has become poor, while prices have risen. The short answer is, well, there really isn’t a short answer.

To put it simply, several forces have been brought together to create this problem.

The most obvious answer to why there is a shortage of used wine barrels is due to winemaking, or rather the increased production and sale of wine, especially here in the United States. Wine consumption is at an all-time high in the U.S., therefore wineries are increasing output and in-turn retaining and using barrels longer. Add to that, the fact California grape productions has been huge over the last few years, which has vintners hedging their bets and holding onto barrels that would otherwise be retired. It’s a little more complicated than that, but essentially, barrels were being hoarded by wineries.

Spirit makers 

Now grape production has slowed a bit in California due to the drought, which we’ve discussed in prior stories. Okay, so where are those barrels? That’s another reason used wine barrels are more rare: spirit makers are buying up those used barrels from the Golden State for increased production of different alcohols including whiskey. Couple that with more craft brewers using more used wine barrels – like local brewery Firestone Walker – and voila, barrels disappeared from the barns of wineries at alarming rates.

Whiskey barrel with bottle lights

Barrels are used for a multitude of creations

These aren’t the only reasons that barrels are harder and harder to find. The furniture business has exploded with used wine barrels being taken apart to be re-crafted into a menagerie of furnishings such as chairs, which are extremely popular. Also, art-based fixtures like lighting and more simpler ideas such as pots and pan holders, plus more common uses like hat and coat hangers with staves have burst on the scene.

We at Paso Wine Barrels are always searching and sometimes we have to limit the sale of used barrels so we have enough to make our popular Decorative barrels. In two years, we’ve had a couple one-month spells where there weren’t enough barrels to go around. The industry will ebb and flow with availability a matter of timing as to who has barrels and who doesn’t.

A few years ago, it wasn’t unusual for used wine barrels to be free to pick up. Those days are long gone.

Additional sources: Wine Institute


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New Wine Barrel Artists

Just as our business came from a simple idea with no thoughts of a business, so too have these brand new artists and parents, with a another take on making wine barrels into art.

A year ago, Monte and Melissa Martella of Livermore, California, were awaiting the birth of their first child with no plan on creating a business. Yet, shortly after the birth of their daughter Audrina, with Monte staying home to care after both the Melissa and the newborn, he took a some old wine barrels and made a rocking chair out of the wood.

Then Monte created an American flag that has become a focal point of the new entrepreneurial project. Like our story, plus showing people on Facebook their work, there was a clamoring for the new products that has led to a booming business of sorts, taking old wine barrels and making art of all different types. Martella’s Wine Barrel Art Shop (Etsy) is now something the two teachers do in their spare time.

The idea of making art and products out of wine barrels isn’t new, but the Martella’s have a twist on the idea and offer both products they make or something a customer might custom order.

They work with other artists and one company will be reproducing the popular American flag, exactly to Monte’s specifications. And note, every other flag will still be produced by the Martella’s.

Check them out.

Additional source: Martellas.com


Daryle W. Hier