Wine On The Go – Vinnebago

You’re on the go, and want to take your go-to wine with you. Here’s one of the latest products that just might be the only thermos/canteen you will ever need, or go for – the Vinnebago.

From the whimsical wine trick experts of Corkcicle, comes another clever product that serves as both a wine-shilling device, as well as able to keep liquids warm. The Vinnebago has been on the market since the middle of last summer, and this modern version of your fathers stainless steel thermos, most importantly takes care of keeping your wine chilled for up to a surprising 25 hours. In fact, on Corkcicle’s website, they say:

“Your drink will remain virtually at the same temperature for up to 25 hours for cold drinks and 12 hours for hot ones.”

The insulation technology is what makes this handy 25 oz Vinnebago bottle unique. With a spill-free screw-on cap, the tripled walled stainless steel (this is why the canteen is magical) and vacuum-sealed devise comes in white, black and silver. By the way, the 25 ounces is about what a typical wine bottle holds – they didn’t miss anything with this beauty. The sleek and contemporary design looks cool as well.


It is safer than bringing bottles wherever you go and can take a lick, if it must. So whether your heading to the beach, a picnic, camping and any other outing, the nifty Vinnebago should be part of your quick get-up-and-go arsenal.

It’s time to have fun and Vinnebago won’t disappoint.


Daryle W. Hier










1 thought on “Wine On The Go – Vinnebago


    Well, this is just the ticket for wine drinkers to cool their favorite wine or other specialty drinks they may want to take with them, keeping the liquid cold or hot. Great idea … hmmm!
    Salootie Patootie!



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