What Is Paso Robles’ Best Season Of The Year?

A friend from down under emailed me with a question revolving around the seasons here in Paso Robles. He wanted to know when it was the best time to come to the number one wine region in the world and well, it got me thinking.oaktree_pasorobles-adj.jpg What is ‘best’?

Are you talking about weather? Or maybe trying to miss the crowds. Or maybe you want to be here when everyone else, so as to party. I emailed him some ideas but it gets me to the polls query.  What is the best season of the year here in Paso?

Each is great in its own way

Summer brings heat and lots of outdoor concerts, along with a ton of vineyard events. Fall offers the beauty of the colors and milder yet comfortable temps for activities such as harvest with dinners in the vineyards. Winter is all about the holiday festivities such as the Vine Street Victorian Showcase to enjoy with the crisp clear air. And finally Spring is bringing back the Irish green hills and vineyards along with flowers adding color combined with pickup parties galore.

I live here and have my own opinions, but whether you’re from here or Autumn in Paso Roblesnot, what season of the year do you like best either living here or visiting? Even if you haven’t been here, go ahead give an opinion – it’s free. By the way, this town swells to twice its size on big weekends such as festivals, holidays and of course the Mid-State Fair. That’s why hotels are going in faster than a Gold Rush.

Anyway, now it’s your turn – let’s hear from you.


Daryle W. Hier

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1 thought on “What Is Paso Robles’ Best Season Of The Year?

  1. jomommerz@yahoo.com

    I like ‘fall’ because it’s when we reap most of the benefits of our beautiful garden; also, the colors around here are magnificent with all the leaves turning a million different colors; and lastly, the hot heat of summer is dissipating, leaving slightly cooler days and evenings.



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