What Is Your Favorite Wine?

We had an election and brought to mine that I somehow never thought to ask what peoples favorite wine is. Considering we’re in the number one wine region in the world, the least I could do is engage folks by asking what their favorite varietal is. I don’t want to sway the vote, so I won’t say which is mine. I think if you’ve read enough of these posts, you probably know. Now vote.Wines on store shelf.


Daryle W. Hier


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2 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Wine?

  1. jomommerz@yahoo.com

    Well, since I have to only pick one, it’s Zinfandel. I truly love Petite Syrah a lot which is a close second to Zin; actually, I like Cab and Pinot Noir a lot as well. So, you might say that I really really love wine in general – a lot.



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